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Brickell Key

Trek Fuel 70 in Brickell Key

Brickell Key

This shot is from the walking path in the back of a high rise on Brickell Avenue looking out at Brickell Key.

Brickell Key is a gated community, but I rode in on the sidewalk just fine, wasn’t tased. Rode around this very expensive piece of property and I guess it’s the views they are buying because for the most part, it’s just sidewalks and roads littered with huge speed bumps. Feels very claustrophobic, too many buildings in such a small space, my humble opinion.

Walking quite a lot these days also, the 8th Street espresso calls my name a couple of times a day. So far today, and it’s only 7pm, I’ve walked 13.41 miles, in addition to the miles on the bike.

Distance 15.87 miles