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Trek Fuel 70 gets a makeover

Trek Fuel 70 new tires

The Makeover

Coral Way Bike Shop was the second stop of the day, had to wash clothes at dawn with the help of Zenaida, the night porter at the 24/7 laundromat.

The Trek Fuel 70 was in need of new tires, especially in a city that has laid off their street sweepers. Hey, that’s a way for the homeless to earn their keep, hand them brooms and rolling garbage bins.

Shopping list:

The bike needed a really good cleaning, grease gunk combined with sand was everywhere in the rear mechanisms. So I opted to buy the parts and be bike mechanic for the day, still can’t seem to get the grease off my hands.

Brickell relaxing waters

Brickell Waters

An around the block test drive turned into more. After I had my afternoon espresso on 8th street, the tailwind just took me all the way down to Brickell.

The rolling resistance on the new tires is minimal, and the ride has improved dramatically. The new saddle feels good under me and I was wearing jeans, test drive, remember. And wow, grips, I had been riding the bike this whole time gripping bare metal, like all the cool kids around here.

I am amazed at how quickly I get around Miami, a city I primarily drove in when I was living here in the 70’s and 80’s. Even though I have spent over 25 years in the 305 area code, in the course of my life, I am seeing this city from a whole different perspective.

In 21 days, I have seen more of this city than a typical Miamian sees in a calendar year. I am tourist Bert from North Carolina, pointing his front tire into places no car can access. Walking into places no one from the Gables would of ever, oh my god, is that snot coming out of his nose?

I’m going to miss this city, now that I’ve really gotten to know it, but there are other cities to explore, and I just got new tires.

distance 14.39 miles