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Miami River

Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

Miami River murals

Miami River Murals

Miami is littered with graffiti, some good, some not. Of those I find tasteful, I take pics of them for my Miami collection. Some of these wall murals would of taken some time to create, thus the acceptance by building owners of creative juices attracting visitors.

Miami River Boats

Miami River Yachts

Miami is such a contrast in living conditions. Just a block from where this picture was taken, there are homeless people freezing their asses off in the cold of night. Yet here we have yachts partying on the Miami River with not a care in the world.

Homeless sleeping in the street, uber-rich popping Dom Perignon on their multi-million dollar yachts. The contrast sickens me, with so much money in this city, no person should have to spend a night in a building’s doorway.

Dude in the Looking Glass


Got tested, nasal swab, negative results. Clicked the link to Get Vaccinated, at the Miami Portal site, it directed me to facilities in the Tampa area. Sure, let me hop on my bike, hold my place in line for the next 3 days while I pedal.

There are no vaccines, businesses are empty and bleeding cash, the Zombie Apocalypse can’t be too far behind.

distance 16.75 miles