Bicycle Diaries

30 years riding, 15 years writing

About Bike Charlotte

Mark Cavendish too much for his bike.

Early site plans included individual rider weblogs, discussion forums and a photo gallery to upload your memories.

Then I just started blogging, recording my miles, the average speed and my thoughts from the ride. For nothing else, but to say I did it!

Writing on a weblog sure beats using a logbook, since I can’t seem to find any of my old ones around, they must be in a box somewhere. And even if I found them, it’s just full of numbers with very little notes to speak of. On here, I can write about what I saw, how I felt, what the weather was like.

Little tidbits of information to jog my memory many years into the future.

One day, another cyclist may grace the top navigation menu.

I want to thank the Charlotte Park & Rec workers for keeping the trails clear of trees and the creeks flowing year round.

The city of Charlotte has grand plans to connect up all the greenways one day, a crown made of nature paths for the Queen City.

Stay young,

Bert Garcia