Bicycle Diaries

30 years riding, 15 years writing

South Beach

After a few years hiatus, I’m back on the bike.

Little Havana

Currently residing in Little Havana, the heart of Miami. It’s a 15 mile ride to any part of this town from my location. Bicycle paths are more in abundance these days, cars for the most part honor them.

South Beach

Took off in the afternoon, no particular direction, ended up in South Beach.

Trek Fuel 70 in South Beach

The above picture is courtesy of Night Sight mode on my Pixel 4a. The Pixel is an incredible phone, the camera is amazing, the shots I’ve been taking with it are just breathtaking.

Ocean Drive

The Police closed all roads leading onto South Beach, so it was like a carnival along Ocean Drive. The roads were filled with tables, under huge tents and fire breathing heaters. A cigar girl hawking her wares at each entrance, the people inside sitting in front of oversized fruity drinks.

Pandemic, what Pandemic?

distance 27.11 miles